Surat Aquarium at Pal, Adajan at Jagdishchandra Bose Udyan

Surat will be home to first of its kind multi-disciplinary underwater aquarium in India. The 25,722 square meter space at Jagdishchandra Bose Udyan at Adajan will cost Rs 20 Crores.

Aquarium will house more than 100 species that includes fresh, brackish, marine water fishes. Gold fish, man-eater Piranhas, and other local and exotic species will be on display in 52 specially designed eco system tanks. Proper aquascaping is underway as per the species requirements and each tank will replicate the respective species' natural ecosystem.

During the first phase of the aquarium, a Jellyfish pool and shark tank will be the key attractions. Specially designed shark tank that will be two-floor high, 40 feet in length 30 feet wide will have water capacity of seven Lakhs litre housing two sharks. In the second phase, a tunnel pool aquarium for the dolphins will get underway and decision regarding the size of the tunnel will take place after successful completion of first phase.

Aqua Star, a Chennai-based firm will be responsible for maintenance of life support system for the marine tanks for the first five years.

Upon completion, it will become the star attraction of Surat City and will be unique for being one of the only multi-disciplinary underwater aquariums in Asia after Singapore.

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Jagdish Chandra Bose Aquarium
Pal ,Hajira Rd,
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